Season 2 Episode 6 - Insert Dangerously Awesome Title Here

Hey! Welcome back to the Dangerously Smart podcast!
This week we cover some awesome news about Apple helping you keep time for only a measly $10,000, go into Batman's new M rating in the Arkham series, how creating a cartoon can gave a man 10 million dollars a year for life, and a host of other great news in the nerd world!
Thank you all for coming back to listen, comment and as always enjoy the Dangerously Smart podcast!

Episode 6

Sly Deals

Tech News

Video Games


  1. Flash -

  2. Avengers -

  3. Daredevil -

  4. Community -

  5. Mortal Kombat X -

Comic News


  • What was the "family" game when you were growing up?


  • Tech Informist

  • Real Gamer Newz

  • STL Bar Warz

  • Level 50 Podcast

  • Brandon Murphy
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